There are situations in which disputes can arise which may give rise to court proceedings.

Our policy is to negotiate settlement where possible, as civil litigation can often be expensive and drawn out and often negotiating a settlement can be the most satisfactory outcome.

However, that is not always possible and we are able to advise and act for you in a wide range of civil law disputes both in the Court of Session and in the Sheriff Court. Example of the situations in which you may find yourself requiring expert legal advice are as follows:

  • Property Disputes: You may have a dispute for example in relation to the boundary or access to land. In many cases examination of the title deeds may clarify your rights and remedies but where that is not possible an action of Interdict may be required to prevent something being done e.g. erection of a fence.
  • Disputes frequently arise where property is owned jointly and parties cannot agree if it is to be sold or upon what terms. We can advise on the procedure for an action of “division and sale”.
  • Breach of contract.
  • Company Liquidation.
  • Bankruptcy.
  • Nuisance claims e.g. noise or interference with property.
  • Defamation actions.
  • Recovery of possession and goods and property.
  • Consumer claims.
  • Building disputes involving all trades, builders, plumbing and heating work, electrical work etc.
  • Professional negligence e.g. against Solicitors, Accountants, Surveyors etc.

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