We can advise employees with regard to this frequently changing area of the law.

We can assist in particular with regard to the following areas:

  • Settlement Agreements: An employer and an employee quite often reach agreement for that the employee will cease employment in return for sum of money and on other conditions. This frequently happens in a redundancy, or as a result of a dispute between an employer and employee and a Settlement Agreement is a complex document. For the Agreement to be legally valid an employee requires to take independent legal advice. We can check if an employee has been offered fair terms of settlement, or whether he is entitled to better terms of settlement e.g. an increased sum of money to be paid. Usually the employer pays the Solicitor’s fee on an agreed basis and often you will not require to pay any fee.
  • Employment Tribunals: Sometimes it is impossible to resolve disputes between an employer and employee amicably and the only option may be to make an application to the Employment Tribunal. We can advise on your prospects of success along with likely value of any claim and if you proceed we can prepare your application and follow necessary steps up to conclusion of the case on your behalf. In many cases Tribunal applications relate to dismissal from employment and an employee may have a right to make a claim to the Tribunal for unpaid wages, holiday or notice pay, disability, race or sex discrimination.
  • Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure: You may have a dispute with a colleague or your employer and we can advise you on the procedure to raise a grievance, we can advise should a disciplinary action be taken against you by your employer. We can inform you of your rights and as to the best way to respond to any procedure initiated by your employer.
  • Contracts of Employment: We can advise you on your contract of employment and its implications.

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