We can advise sympathetically and effectively with:

  • Separation: Whether or not you intend to divorce it is important that on separation all matrimonial properly is correctly identified and fairly divided. Such assets usually include property acquired during the course of the marriage, including the matrimonial home, business interests, stocks and shares, bank accounts, pension and insurance policies. Your spouse and yourself require to be separately advised in the order that amicable agreement can be reached on these matters. A separation agreement dealing with these matters can take a considerable time, stress and expense which might be involved should the court require to make a decision on a satisfactory financial settlement for you and can considerably simplify a divorce should you eventually decide that is what you wish to do.
  • Divorce: We can inform you as to as to the appropriate grounds of divorce and assist with the procedure. It may be possible in some cases to proceed with a simplified divorce which is inexpensive and quick.
  • Children: Unfortunately often disputes arise concerning children and we can act on your behalf to negotiate a settlement with your spouse regarding residence and contact for the children and if an agreement cannot be reached we can act on your behalf in application to the court to have these matters determined.
  • Cohabitants: Where there is a relationship breakdown between cohabitants the issues with the finance and children that would arise in a divorce can also arise between the cohabitees. Although the law so far as cohabitees is somewhat different from that which applies to married couples they still have rights and remedies in regard to these matters.
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreement: With second marriages increasingly common pre-nuptial agreements are an effective and relatively inexpensive means of preserving property from claims on divorce. The issues involved can be particularly sensitive and we are able to offer a service tailored to the needs of individual clients which will offer certainty and peace of mind.

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