Guardianship Order may be required if you have not already made a Power of Attorney and have become mentally incapable of managing your own welfare and financial affairs.

This can be due to an accident or illness. A relative or a friend will be required to apply to the Court for a Guardianship Order to enable them to manage these matters.

A Guardianship Application to the Court is a complex process which involves obtaining medical reports to support the application within fixed timescales.

We can advise you whether or not a guardianship application is appropriate and will advise if there is any simpler option open to you. If however, guardianship is required you will have peace of mind, knowing that all necessary authority is in place to make decisions concerning welfare and financial affairs.

Legal Aid

Free Legal Aid, i.e. which is not subject to means testing, is available to cover the court proceedings in all Guardianship Application for welfare powers alone or a combination of welfare and financial powers are sought. This means in practice that the money and property of the incapacitated person will not be used to pay for the court action. This can save a significant amount of money.

Legal aid may be available for the preparatory work before going to court and the grant of a Legal Certificate, but this is subject to means testing and may not be available in all cases.

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