We provide legal advice and representation to patients and their families in relation to mental health issues including attendance, if required, at a Mental Health Tribunal.

We recognise that where a family member is experiencing mental health problems, not only he is affected but other members of the family who don’t know where to turn for advice and guidance.

We can assist in all aspects of mental health legislation, in particular:

  • Representation before the Mental Health Tribunal of Scotland.
  • Advising on rights to challenge detention in hospital for matters such as a Compulsory Treatment Order or Short Term Detention Order.
  • Advising as to variation or discharge of a Compulsory Treatment Order and the application to be made to the Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland.
  • We can instruct an independent psychiatric report on patients.
  • We advise on appeals against Orders of the Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland to the Sheriff Court.
  • We advise friends and relatives of patient who are their Named Person as to their legal rights and representation.
  • We are aware that professional advice can often help to minimise the distress of both the patient and family. We will always endeavour where possible to see a patient at the same day as requested or within 24 hours from taking initial instructions.

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