We can act on behalf of both Landlords and Tenants. We can assist with matters such as:

  • Eviction of a Tenant: This area of the law can be complex and requires a notice to be served within prescribed time limits. We can advise with regard to the type of notice required and prepare this for you. If the Tenant does not voluntarily vacate after such notices have been served then you will need to obtain an Order for Possession from the court and we can assist with this. If you attempt to repossess in any other way that is illegal and there may be severe criminal implications for you. It can be a lengthy process to remove a Tenant and if procedures are not properly adhered to the process can be considerably delayed. It is essential, therefore, to obtain expert legal advice with regard to the process.
  • Recovery of rent: If a Tenant is in arrears of rent we can write a seven day letter requiring payment on your behalf and if that does not success raise a court action for recovery of the rent.

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